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Erotic. Full blown sex and toy action. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Adventure - Naruto U., Kakashi H. - Words: - Reviews: 44 - Favs: - Follows: 23 - Published: 3/5/ - Status: Complete - id: Originally on and moved there and soon to AO3. Fed up, Naruto took matters into his own hands and lead a rescue mission to save the other kunoichi and get some revenge in the process for kidnapped him the first time around. He's in for one hell of a thank you by the time the Zetsu gets theirs.

"Hell, i'm all for it!" Kankuro exclaimed then pulled Naruto in kneeling and upright position. He got behind Naruto and kissed Naruto's neck, licking the flesh and making Naruto shiver. "Kankuro " Naruto moaned softly. Gaara kneeled in front of Naruto and kissed him. His tongue sliding into the eager mouth as his hands moved over Naruto's front. Naruto sat on the edge of his bed, and Sasuke sat up, looking at Naruto, feeling even more awkward at their close proximity. As usual, Naruto seemed oblivious as he merely looked at the papers in his hands. The stack of papers was clearly one of Naruto's stories, though much thinner than what Sasuke had read before.

naruto and sakura: erotic love collection Hi everyone, I'm an aspiring erotic novelist, I love erotica stories especially when done tastefully and intense. I wanted to brush up on my skills a bit and ask for input from the readers. Naruto Uzumaki, The Fifth Hokage of Konoha, a young man fresh off of his marriage to Temari, in fact, it was the day after. Many couples considered the night and day after the honeymoon period, where they spend time with one another and partake . is not in any way associated with or related to (AFF, the site), its owners, agents, and any other entities related to or the AFF forum take no responsibility for the works posted to the by its members. The Hokage's Pet-: By: Spurge_Laurel-: Published: February 3, Updated: February 3, pm -: Rated: Adult + -: Chapters: 1 -: Reviews: Dragon prints: Located: Naruto > General: Uzumaki Naruto walked down the streets of Konohagakure, the Hokage’s hat resting securely on his blonde head and the Hokage’s cloak draped elegantly over his broad .