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Aug 08,  · Treating vitiligo through homeopathy is a long process and may need one year or even more to cure it completely. The duration and success of treatment solely depend on the extent of white patches and the age of chronic skin disorder. How does homeopathy treatment for vitiligo work? Life Force Homeopathy can help most of the vitiligo cases extremely well, however it is hard to make the statement that Homeopathy can cure each and every ca.

Homeopathic medicines for vitiligo treat the disease at the autoimmune response level to restore the skin colour and confidence of the person concerned. Vigorous and strong-growing, award-winning Vitis coignetiae (Crimson Glory Wine) is a large deciduous climbing vine noted for its incredibly decorative foliage. Its slightly lobed, heart-shaped leaves can grow as big as in. ( cm) and make a dense cover in the growing season. Dark green through the summer, with their veins attractively impressed into the upper surface, they are.

Leukoderma or white patches, as usually known, Vitiligo is an auto-immune disease which is quite commonly seen in homeopathic practice. This is because of the limited scope of other treatments which fail to help Vitiligo. Vitiligo is a skin disorder characterized by white spots or white patches on the skin.