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The INTJ will communicate openly and honestly with their child about things they disapprove of, and the blunt nature of the INTJ can offend the child and hurt their feelings. If the child responds well to this style of parenting, the child will see the INTJ as a respected authority figure. Jun 26,  · INTjs have a characteristic ascetic face. There are two reason for this. Firstly the facial structure itself is often reminiscent of ancient portraits because of its angularity and composition of the features, like cheekbone and eyebrow arcs. Secondly their facial expression is often accepted as emotionless and severe.

Jan 28,  · As a secondary function in the INTJ personality, extroverted thinking leads people to seek order, control, and structure in the world around them. For this reason, INTJs can be very deliberate and methodical when approaching problems. People with this personality type tend to . Jan 16,  · I'm very similar in that I am INTJ but always end up with only 1 more on the J side than the P side. Kelly. Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on January 11, This can be a good thing; it might mean you're more balanced. INTP and INTJ are going to separate by their functions. So you may want to see where you score highest. INTJ.

Aug 11,  · If you see someone who seems to have a perma-scowl as their default facial expression, they are probably an INTJ. In most cases, the INTJ’s appearance of displeasure is nothing more than their “thinking face”. You may spot them staring off in some direction during which they are probably just immersed in deep mental processing.