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[the Old Man jabs Dick Jones from behind with his elbow, and RoboCop starts shooting at Dick Jones, who is no longer an OCP employee; Dick Jones falls through a glass window to the ground below and dies] Dick Jones: [in the executive bathroom. Sep 09,  · Instead of focusing on RoboCop, the upcoming prequel series will be about Dick Jones, who was played on the big screen by actor Ronny Cox. The RoboCop prequel series will follow Jones' rise to Author: Kevin Burwick.

RoboCop informed the Old Man about the limitations placed on him by Directive 4, which prevented him from arresting senior members of OCP, and stated that Dick Jones was under arrest for murder. When The Old Man asked for evidence, RoboCop shows a recording where Dick Jones confessed to trying to destroy RoboCop and murdering Bob Morton. Sep 09,  · Moviefone recently caught up with Neumeier, and the writer revealed that a prequel TV series is now in the works which will follow RoboCop villain Dick Jones and the rise of Omni Consumer Products.

[RoboCop enters Dick Jones's office to arrest him.] Dick Jones: You know, I usually don't see anybody without an appointment, but in your case, I'll make an exception. RoboCop: You are under arrest. Dick Jones: Oh? On what charge? RoboCop: Aiding and abetting a known felon. Dick Jones: Sounds like I'm in a lot of trouble. Dick Jones after he gets shot by RoboCop The Old Man, residing with unmatched calmness in his chair, asked the Officer what he wanted, and Dick Jones began to panic as RoboCop alleged Dick Jones was a murderer, but made it clear that he could not arrest an officer of OCP.

Richard "Dick" Jones is the main antagonist of the sci-fi action film RoboCop. He was a corrupt businessman and the senior vice president of Omni Consumer Products, who is also the nefarious employer of Clarence Boddicker. RoboCop director Paul Verhoeven cameos as a dancing nightclub patron, producer Jon Davison provides the voice of ED, and director John Landis cameos in an in-film advert. Smith's partner Joan Pirkle appears as Dick Jones' secretary. Production Conception and writing.