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Using male and female condoms correctly, every time, can also help prevent pregnancy. This website provides information for both consumers and public health professionals on the correct use of male and female condoms and dental dams, as well male condom effectiveness for . May 29,  · This is the Marketing Strategy of Durex. “Durability, Reliability and Excellence” popularly known as Durex is founded in as The London Rubber Company by LA Jackson which was initially selling imported condoms and barber shop supplies. The brand name Durex got registered in .

In the condom industry, there is a huge opportunity to be fun and sexy. Here are some of the best advertisements I’ve seen that are sexy, funny and creative. Durex Condoms definitely did a great job with them! Perhaps we can learn from their creative ads . Mar 16,  · Advertising regulators have unveiled new rules that include fewer restrictions on condom ads on TV, but have delayed a decision on proposals that could allow abortion clinics to .

Jul 17,  · In , Grey Düsseldorf released, then pulled, a series of condom ads for Doc Morris pharmacies featuring Hitler and Osama bin Laden as spermatozoa. But . Jan 24,  · Condom marketing now has a new ally in the form of movie-related content. Condoms are still a hush-hush concept in Indian, making condom marketing rather tricky business. With traditional mediums such as television, print, and OOH holding several restrictions around condom ads, social media comes as a saviour.

Dec 22,  · NEW DELHI: A day after the information and broadcasting ministry clarified that the bar on airing of condom advertisements on TV during the daytime was only for those with "sexually explicit content", advertising experts welcome the move and asked for content guidelines which companies must adhere to while creating such ads. Jun 19,  · Probably a commercial for condoms. Viewers first saw condom TV ads in , when Fox Television became the first major network to accept them. Today, three of the six networks -- .