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adult learning and re-education - Linda Might hi-res

TWELVE PRINCIPLES OF RE-EDUCATION Life is to be lived now, not in the past, and lived in the future only as a present challenge. Trust is essential, trust between child and adult is essential, the foundation on which all other principles rest, the glue that holds teaching and learning together, the beginning point for . In order to deal with what Hillary Clinton calls this nation’s “fun deficit,” the former Secretary of State stated in a recent speech that Americans need to be checked into ‘fun camps’ for re-education. “As I have gotten older, I have decided we really need camps Author: William Charles.

A Terminal Report from the Adult Re-Education Project. Kreitlow, Burton W. In this study designed to generate hypotheses concerning adult learning, cognitive processes, and the reeducation of disadvantaged adults, the phenomena of concept attainment, symbol manipulation, verbal behavior, differential instruction, and awareness levels were Author: Burton W. Kreitlow.