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Other causes include skin injury, fleas, mange, hormonal issues, seborrhea, autoimmune disease (lupus), cancer, high temperatures, high humidity levels, use of medications such as steroids, and ringworm. Symptoms of dog skin infection include: Patches of hair loss. A recessed vulva, which may also be referred to as a juvenile or hypoplastic vulva, is a conformational (structural formation) issue that occurs in female dogs. In this condition, the vulva is recessed within, or partially hidden by, surrounding folds of skin. A recessed vulva is thought to have a genetic basis, though this has not been definitively determined.

If your dog is not in heat and her vulva is showing discharge, consider seeing your veterinarian. A swollen vulva is normal during a heat cycle. She may be self-cleaning by licking, but excessive licking can cause dry, itchy skin which will irritate even more. Dogs can develop yeast infections that can cause itching and discomfort. You may first notice an unpleasant smell from your dog’s skin folds. Skin folds can be deep, so signs of an infection or sore skin may be hidden away. On closer inspection, you may notice discharge containing pus and the skin may be puffy and red. Affected dogs may be very sore and therefore may not want to be touched.