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care for adult great dane - Awesome Collection for Adult Toy Buyers

Mar 08,  · With the proper training, care and physical space, your Great Dane will become an obedient, loyal member of your family. Feed your Great Dane four meals each day as a puppy and two or three as an adult. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations based on your dog's weight for his daily caloric intake, dividing it into the smaller meals. Apr 28,  · If you choose to cook at home or feed raw, avoid nutritional imbalances by consulting with a veterinary nutritionist to help you formulate a complete and balanced diet for your Great Dane. Exercise. Healthy adult Great Danes need at least 45 minutes of moderate exercise daily, while young dogs and puppies need 90 minutes of low impact, moderate exercise daily, such as brisk walking, .

How Much Exercise Does a Great Dane Need Everyday? An adult Great Dane only needs about minutes of exercise a day. Keep in mind that on-leash exercise is much different than off-leash exercise. While a brisk walk may get your dog's heart pumping a little bit, they need a proper run to really get the benefits of being outside.