UNP055-RESTRAINT FETISH DREAM- FOOT FETISH - ankle restraints adult


ankle restraints adult - UNP055-RESTRAINT FETISH DREAM- FOOT FETISH

Wrist and ankle restraints are devices used in hospitals, clinics, medical institutions and detention facilities that are meant to safely secure a patient when they may otherwise hurt themselves or others. The wrist and ankle restraints allow medical procedures to be performed by keeping arms or limbs from flailing or interfering with the process. Wrist/Ankle restraint straps designed for combative or agitated patients to prevent disruption of IV’s, catheters or self injury. Neoprene cuffs protect patient's skin; Connected ankle (red) and wrist (blue) restraint cuffs for a bed or stretcher; Designed to be left in place until ready for use; Ankle cuffs may also be used on larger wrists.

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