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amblyopia lazy eye surgury for adults - Strong Mom Vs Lazy Step Son - Family Therapy

Occasionally, even the correction of amblyopia doesn’t correct strabismus issues that keep the eyes misaligned. In these cases, eye muscle surgery to strengthen or weaken certain muscles can help. A surgeon will either resect (or shorten) a muscle to strengthen it or recess a muscle (attaching it to a farther location) to weaken it. Mar 04,  · Lazy eyes with amblyopia just do not see well, it DOES NOT mean they wander or drift. Strabismus, or eye misalignment, CAN be treated with surgery on the eye muscles. This surgery can be performed on both adults and children. Eye muscle surgery can improve not only the cosmetic appearance of the eyes .

So no surgery can be done to make the eye see normal vision in adulthood if the amblyopia was not treated as a child. Having said that, adults with strabismus amblyopia can have eye muscle surgery to straighten the eyes but it only improves cosmetic appearance and won't improve vision in the amblyopic eye. Amblyopia (lazy eye) in adults can be treated through three approaches. Note that one or all of these may be required. Ultimately, it will depend upon the individual diagnosis.