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adult women in poopy diapers - Late night breeding gangbang at the adult theater

This grown woman wears diapers and plays in a crib with her boyfriend August 2, Jess is a year-old woman living in Florida who sometimes likes to live her life as if she were still a toddler. Peed 4 times. Pooped for about an hour. When I took the diaper off the first time i felt an urge of diarrhea calling so I put the diaper back on and out it came like water. For sure the best part is feeling the urge grow and the cramps get stronger and then suddenly a massive pile is entering the seat of the diaper.

Submission-  to be a “responsible” adult–but submit to wearing diapers like a baby–is to give up your adult dignity and self-determination.  The more obvious the diaper, the greater the submission. You don’t just happen to be wearing a diaper as part of your submission- your gigantic diaper is the ultimate symbol of your submission. Diapers alone just seem pointless to me. If they are on, I want them messy and the more the better. It is comforting to me for some reason I can't explain. It is a warm and squishy hug on my bottom all night. The preference is a real poop but being married I had to get creative. Started using.

TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS FOR VIDEO SHOUTOUTS!Bad dad's have a baby prank - us every. A woman who lives as a full-time adult baby has revealed that she spends a whopping $ a month on diapers and has her own nursery complete with a crib.

k Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ‘diapergirls’ hashtag. As I got to the cashier to pay for my new pants I explained to the lady what had happened and she rang me up I left. On the hour ride home I again felt the urge to this time poop. As I pulled over to a rest stop I ran in and did my business. When I squated down all I could see .

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