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Aug 07,  · To investigate effects of surgical treatment on adult tethered cord syndrome (TCS). A retrospective analysis of 82 adult patients (17 male cases, 82% and 24 female cases, 59%) with TCS treated by surgery was conducted between March, and December, , with an average age of years and average disease course of years. Adult Tethered Cord is characterized by a spinal cord that is located at an abnormally low position within the spinal canal. The position in which it comes to rest in an adult (L1 or L2) is caused by the growth of the individual.

Jul 31,  · UNC Health Care is one of a few institutions in the world that offers surgery to fix a rare spinal cord condition in adults: tethered cord syndrome. Just over a dozen surgeries a year are completed at the Chapel Hill hospital, and many of the patients having those surgeries traveled hundreds of miles to be there. Neurological outcome after surgical management of adult tethered cord syndrome In the authors' experience, pain and motor and urinary dysfunction improve postoperatively in the majority of patients. The rate of symptomatic improvement was greatest for pain resolution, followed by motor, and then urinary by:

Jan 27,  · The most common surgery for tethered cord involves cutting the anchoring tissue on the bottom called the filum terminale. This is called “detethering”. Complications include infection, bleeding, and damage to the spinal cord, which may result in paralysis or loss of bowel or bladder function. Tethered Cord in Adults. Jan 13,  · Surgery for a Tethered Spinal Cord The most common treatment for tethered spinal cord is a lumbar laminectomy to release the tethered cord. For this procedure, the patient is placed under general anesthesia.