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A forum based on a foundation of free speech for all members. This very much includes ADULT discussions. This forum is not intended for any persons under the age of If the free expression of human sexuality in all its forms offends you, . I just made this like 5 minutes ago, so I have no idea what I'm doing, so please bear with me, haha Well anywaaaays: We have a Christmas eve party every year, so a whole bunch of our family and friends were at our house, and there really wasn't enough space for all of us to sit in the living room all at once. My brother (btw he's 15 and I'm 16) wanted me to sit on his lap, but .

I'm a petite, average-looking woman of I first had s** with my son when he was I had been divorced for 2 years and had been without s** since before his father left me for a much younger woman. I taught him everything I knew, including oral s**.I just love the taste of his warm, creamy s****. S** with my son. who is 19 now, is just fantastic and he can't get enough of me. Taboo Community Website: FRONT PAGE: WEB CHAT: ROOM LOGS: FORUM: WINMX SECTION: Meet The Staff. Here is my attempt to introduce the"staff" as it were, hopefully there will be some more pictures & text added soon. I still have to get stuff from some admins to fill this section out. Host.

I have a one year old daughter, and I have taken her to plenty of play dates to the malls baby playground. While there, I have met some awesome moms, and became pretty closed with one of them in particular. I recently went out with her for a few drinks, and she made a phone called and invited out her. Hip Forums. Home Forums > Mind Trips > True Confessions > My Wife's Most Shocking Confession. Discussion in 'True Confessions' started by olderndirt, Oct 22, olderndirt Members. My wife has confessed a number of sexual actions over the years. Most took place in college when we were dating and she had sex with other men.

Regardless of my fears, I managed to route through a fair few Reddit posts and online forums to put together a list of the most fucked up and disturbing sites users have come across on this online enigma. Check ‘em out, but be warned – it gets pretty dark: Sad Satan. A Reddit user asked people who had willingly engaged in incest to share their stories in an anonymous form and stories came flooding in. People were quick to share their unique experiences and if their lives had changed because of them. Some people looked back on their past fondly while others admitted to the years [ ].

Question - (18 September ): 27 Answers - (Newest, 1 February ): A female, anonymous writes: I am twenty nine years old. Last summer my ex husband had the kids away on holidays and I went to stay with my brother for a couple of days. Howdy folks. A few years ago, we were first acquainted with the caring pet-lovers over at Beast Forum, so I figured that we should check back in with them and see if having sex with pigs and chickens is still as great as ever.. Why do girls always want to tell me about their dreams, regardless of whether they contain dogsex or not.