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Get inspired to discover new books while nudging yourself out of your comfort zone with a book challenge. Download and print your own personal reading challenge list—available for adults, teens and kids—and the below calendar to plot out when you’ll tackle new reads throughout the year. Start your reading challenge! Reading Challenge Reading Challenge for Adults One of my main focuses for this blog is encourage people to read more, so I’m excited to share with you my Reading Challenge! The challenge is to read 50 books this year that will complete the list below, which can be downloaded and printed for free.

Dec 11,  · A reading challenge can be simple, silly, serious, genre-based, or any combination of these and many other attributes. Pick a Way to Track Your Goal If you want to just track how many books you read, the Goodreads tracker is a simple and fun way to do so. Jan 12,  · + Creativity Reading Challenge. This challenge is about reading books on creativity, art, crafts, writing, film making, photography and any other topic that helps you live a more creative life. + Cruisin’ Thru The Cozies. Read only cozy mysteries of your choice or read through the different sub-genres of cozy mysteries.

Apr 15,  · 30 Day Reading Challenge for Adults Published on April 15, It is a new year and this 30 day reading challenge will get you off on the right foot. Get out of reading ruts by challenging yourself and some friends to a fun reading contest. If you love reading and you love a Challenge, you're going to love the Library's Winter Reading Challenge for adults. It runs January 2-February 28, Download a Winter Reading Challenge form (pdf) or pick up a form at the checkout desk of any library branch or Mobile Library. Or, you can complete the challenge online.

Jun 12,  · If none of the above work for you, you could create your own adult summer reading challenges! Laura Sackton put together a list of 50 different do-it-yourself reading challenges that you could consider, and then you can create your own rules and decide on your own rewards. It wouldn’t be a reading challenge without a chart to keep track!