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Tarzan and the Spanking Safari I. Tarzan and the Spanking Safari II. Tarzan and the Spanking Safari III. Fair Game. Bobby and Indira. Boarding School Punishments. Spanked for Stealing. Spanked for Stealing II. Boy Thrashed for Stealing Apples. Getting the Cane (Real Life) Boarding School Thrashing. Ricky's Christmas Surprise. I just hate them. Each issue of Janus and Februs contains between three and four original pieces of spanking fiction and all of these magazines are available to download from our Online Shop. The Bottom Man (Free Chapter) – Stephen Sims – added 27th January

Spanking F/M, Femdom, Female Lead Relationship (FLR) A: An Active Retirement: Wife concerned over retired husband's health risks. Spanking F/M, Domestic Discipline (DD), Female Led Marriage (FLM) A: A Little Direction and Discipline: Spanko husband inspires wife to hire a professional. Spanking F/M, Domestic Discipline, Female Led Marriage (FLM. The spanking went on for more than a minute, and I barely breathed during the time, although my heart kept thumping really hard in my chest. When her mother finally let her back up, Sasha was crying hard. And she rubbed her bottom, just like in stories and spanking movies.