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Nov 09,  · Adult fiction books sales in the U.S. H1 Total number of self-published books released in the U.S. in m Detailed statistics. Number of self-published books in the U.S. New adult fiction, also rendered as new-adult fiction, is a developing genre of fiction with protagonists in the 18–30 age bracket. St. Martin's Press first coined the term in , when they held a special call for " fiction similar to YA that can be published and marketed as adult—a sort of an 'older YA' or 'new adult'". New adult fiction tends to focus on issues such as leaving .

Sep 10,  · Each genre of fiction has its own rules for getting published. In this article, we cover how to publish your young adult novel, including how to write a query letter and synopsis, example queries that worked as well as literary agents open to young adult submissions. Each genre of fiction has its.