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So I’ve racked my brain and come up with New Year’s Eve party games for adults. You’re welcome in advance. Going to parties as a kid was easy because the number of games you could play was. New Year’s Eve Games for Adults. From Play. Party. Plan. These 5 awesome New Year’s Eve games for adults are loads of fun! They are perfect for testing what guests remember about the current year while also getting them excited for the new year! There are printable trivia games, a “name that tune” game using popular playlist songs and more.

You can play this game with champagne flutes and two bottles of champagne or any other New Year’s Eve beverage and drink containers. Have those playing sit at a table with a bowl filled with beverage, a teaspoon, and an empty drink container. The goal is to use . Hosting a New Year's Eve party with a bunch of adults coming? Or maybe you're assigned to bring a fun game for the group? Here's a lot of fun ones you can do! Most don't even take a lot of prep work, be prepared to have a good time! 1. Trivia games are always a hit. Love that they have already done the work for us. 2. The name game would be great for a group!

The Name Game from Activity Village is an easy New Year's Eve party game that's great for a large group of adults looking for a fun but laid back game to play. For this game, each guest will need to contribute some names to a large bowl. They can be names of celebrities, fictional characters, historical figures, and even people in the room. These adult card games are fun, easy to play, and a little raunchy. Enjoy with your friends and family! Skip to main content. 20 Adult Card Games to Play This New Year's Eve.

Related –> 5 Smashing New Year’s Eve Party Games. New Year’s Eve Party Games Hot Camera. It’s no secret that we’re living in a digital age. A game of “hot camera” is the perfect alternative to the “hot potato” you probably played as a kid. All you need to play the game is a digital camera, equipped with both a self-timer and a.