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Feb 04,  · One way to create new joyous memories is to bring out the inner child in yourself and others by having an Easter egg hunt for adults. If you want to feel that childlike joy again, an egg hunt is the perfect way to do so! Use these fun and unique egg-stuffer ideas to really have a great time. This Easter egg certainly isn't for the little ones! Bring back the magic and send someone you know on an Egg-cellent Easter Egg Hunt! Since this Easter treasure hunt is for adults or older children, we can't just lay eggs in the yard and expect the same excitement and anticipation we felt as children. This Egg-cellent hunt includes riddles and puzzles sure to bring that twinkle back into anyone's eye.

Mar 16,  · How to plan an Easter egg hunt for adults Pick up some fillable eggs. Fillable eggs are an egg hunt essential! We’d recommend picking up a couple of packs like this (how many you need depends on how many people are taking part). Make sure you’ve got enough for . Feb 10,  · Once you put the little ones to bed, looking for glow-in-the-dark Easter eggs is a great way to amp up your typical hunt. It's dark, it's spooky, and the glow-in-the-dark eggs will can be filled Author: Laura Hanrahan.

Feb 23,  · A charades Easter egg hunt is a fun Easter game for adults. Place a charades prompt in each Easter egg and hide them as normal—whenever anyone finds an egg, they must act out the prompt and the charade must be guessed before the adult Easter game can resume. Related: Get our FREE Printable Easter Egg Hunt Sign. Mar 15,  · The focus of your adult egg hunt party is the hunt itself, but you can’t throw an event without feeding your guests. Just make sure to keep the food simple since everyone will .

Below are 5 novel Easter egg hunt ideas that will appeal to adults with various interests. 1 Loony Lines Easter Egg Hunt This is a combination of an Easter egg hunt and a word game. Players race to find 10 Easter eggs, each containing 10 words. Mar 19,  · Give your adult egg hunt an added adrenaline rush by hiding eggs filled with scratchers or other lottery tickets. Once April hits, you can typically find tickets with a spring or Easter motif to Author: Alesandra Dubin.

Easter egg hunt for adults. Paint your favorite beer cans fun pastel colors. Hide the beer cans and enjoy an adult friendly Easter egg hunt. To mix up the fun, add "X" with a sharpie to a few of the cans. When someone finds a can with an "X" on it you have to finish that beer before you can continue finding beers!64 pins. Feb 10,  · Before you know it, hosting an adult egg hunt will quickly become a mainstay as part of your Easter traditions. There are several fun non-booze related ideas too, such as an Easter egg relay race or having your kids hide the eggs instead.