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adult easter activity - Perfect Easter Bunny

Apr 07,  · 13 Fun Easter Activities For Adults 1. Adult Egg Hunt. Remember how excited you were when you found the last hidden Easter egg during the hunt? Imagine how 2. Lucky Lotto Egg Hunt. If you want to do an Easter egg hunt for adults, but don't want it to be alcohol-related, go 3. Plastic Egg Truth. Jun 09,  · Image zoom. Create a cheerful garland by stringing together dyed blown-out eggs. Use a beading needle and stretchable jewelry cord to string dyed blown-out eggs into a fun Easter craft for adults. Attach the garland to a banister or mantel using .

Oct 12,  · Another Easter activity that adults will enjoy? Easter egg hunts! Hide the eggs in spots you know are too hard for kids. To make this even more entertaining, keep the Easter cocktails flowing. Related: Get our best Easter egg hunt games for adults!