Diaper Sluts - Daisy, Lily and Dahlia lesson 5 - adult diaper humilliation


adult diaper humilliation - Diaper Sluts - Daisy, Lily and Dahlia lesson 5

diaperpunishment abdl diaper diapers tbdl bedwetting wetting diapergirl pee punishment nappies regression diaperlover humilation baby poop diaperboy spanking messing adultbaby . Humiliation-  few things are as inherently humiliating as an adult wearing diapers.  The implied role is infantile-incapable of controlling your most basic body functions.  The disgust factor is especially degrading- the observer knows that the diapered .

My most embarrassing diaper story happened when I was 11 years old. Actually I was not in diapers when it happened as I was having my diapers changed when I had an accident on . I loved every second of his humiliation. The rest of the night was uneventful i made him sleep with the plug in after pumping it up 3 more times. In the morning i told him he had to keep the plug in and wear diapers to work the best part is he works in construction and i only gave him 2 extra diapers .

Diaper humiliation is a rather broad topic. It gos from as small as having your other mention your diaper, all the way to public exposure. I personally think public exposure is crossing a line. But diaper checks, diaper changes and having your other ask about your diaper .