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An adult book with YA crossover potential, the true-life stories of the popular kids vs. everyone else was an intriguing premise. A great deal of YA fiction covers this theme, and I wanted to read about the real stories to see how it matches up. Genre: Adult Crossover, Realistic Fiction, Audiobook. Curriculum ties, if any: This book promotes understanding and compassion, and would also certainly spark some good discussion in a literature class. Booktalking Ideas: Since leaked sex tapes and images from sexting are a hot topic right now, that might be a way to entice teens to read this.

A reading list for the best new books featuring Books that are targeted at adults but are likely to be of interest/suitable for teens, with links to full book information. May 11,  · These adult books for YA readers are often called crossover books, and they’re frequently among the most requested by those who ask me for book recommendations, too. I’ve pulled together a list of great crossover books published in the last handful of stripp.xyz: Kelly Jensen.

GENRE: Action, Adult Crossover, Fantasy & Horror. BOOKTALKING IDEAS: Read Annja’s fight scene after the sword reintegrates. READING LEVEL/INTEREST AGE: 12 to adult. CHALLENGE ISSUES: Sex, violence, and language. Defense: a well-written selection and information freedom policy stressing the inclusion of all viewpoints in the library’s. Jan 04,  · Crossover SUVs are easily the best-selling vehicles in the United States. As demand has grown, so too has the number of new SUV models coming to market. This creates a favorable environment for shoppers. Whether your priority is cargo space, ride quality, technology, or price, there are multiple models to choose from. If there’s a downside to.

Sep 05,  · The Sea of Tranquility is an adult-crossover that is absolutely heartbreaking. Teens can relate to the realism of what Nastya and Josh have been through. The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon. September 5, September 6, totebagsandbooks Leave a comment. Genre: Fantast, Adult-Crossover. Epic Crossover. Share. Dean Venture stumbles into a fantasy chamber and has the night of his life! Here it is, the culmination of over a years worth of work from Slappyfrog and myself. It's our first collab together, and we're really proud of it.:D.

Young Adult fiction Adult crossover Sub-genres: Poetic writing, Literary fiction, Character development. Curriculum Ties. Fiction; Sci-Fi/Fantasy fiction; Creative writing; Hero’s journey; Ethics; Diversity; Contemplation; Making inferences; Text analysis; Evaluation and discussion of concepts; Curriculum Resources Online teachers’ guides: n/a.