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Aug 13,  · As we age, physical activity helps us attain our goals, maintain our functioning and promote comfort. In addition, routine exercise can help reduce arthritis Author: Dartmouth-Hitchcock. Many of the chair exercises in this manual are adapted from the National Institute of Aging, Tufts University, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They are designed to improve strength, flexibility and balance. Most of the exercises can be done while sitting in or holding onto a chair to help with Size: 1MB.

Chair exercises can be the answer for seniors who want to get fit but who worry about overdoing it or falling. Experts say that older adults need four types of exercise: endurance, balance. Nov 17,  · Although balance exercises are certainly important for older adults, they must be done carefully. Be sure you have something nearby to stabilize you, like a chair.

Chair Core Exercises for Seniors Strengthening your core and abs is crucial for improving balance and stability. Perform these chair core exercises for seniors to improve your muscular foundation and protect yourself from accidental falls. The seated exercises are great for lower back, abs, and glutes. Mar 10,  · Sit in a chair with your back straight and your arms at your sides. Extend and straighten your right knee while focusing on squeezing your quadricep muscles, which are at the front of your thigh.