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Finding a good-looking cello that sounds heavenly and doesn’t come at an eye-watering price is far from easy, but the Cecilio CECO-1BK truly fits the bill. This amazing electric cello impresses with an innovative look and excellent sound. But the instrument is more than just style. Circumnavigate the unique challenges facing adult cello students. Adult learners face different challenges, both physically and mentally. They worry about how good they could possibly get with a “late start.” Using my personal experience as a professional cellist who started from scratch at 25, I can help you find your personal path and feel the excitement and satisfaction of watching .

Blog Current Page: Course Course. My name is Billy Tobenkin and I specialize in teaching adult learners how to play the cello. When I started learning the cello from scratch at 25, I encountered numerous issues that I had to figure out on my own and that certainly slowed my progress from what it could have been.

Cello Lessons for Adults Italy might be the fashion heaven but it is home to the cello as well that has been named as the string instrument belonging from the violin family. Cello has the four strings based on the pitch starting from low to high. There are lower octaves in the cello that help singers captivate the attention of the audience.