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Very FUN product! Couple of things, one I would recommend the manufacturer make a version that has fold-able legs so it can be slid under a regular bed and kept out of site of kids, etc. & 2 the hole for the toy can be an issue - I had to "de ball" the toy to get it to fit the smallish hole and the hole goes through the pillow from top to bottom. Just stumbled across this quite by accident while doing some Google image searching for vintage baby gear items. This adult size baby bouncer model was part of the Baby Bjorn display at the ABC Kids Expo held in Kentucky last month: Look! Baby Bouncer For Adults | .

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sewing such heavy duty materials by hand is a bit tricky, sometimes painful and sometimes bloody. a pair of pliers, electrical snips or strudy scissors can be used for handling the needle. but wear a thimble, too. leather specialists will use a tool for pre-holing the leather to allow the needle and thread to pass through; this isn't really. WALIKI’S Adult Size Hopper Ball (also known as Bouncy Ball with handles, Kangaroo Bouncer, Hopping Ball, Hoppity Hop, Sit & Bounce, Jumping Ball) The long wait is over!